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Solid State Electronic Repair


At Speaker Workshop, electronic repair is done much the same way it has been done since the beginning. The method is called component level repair. Most electronic repair centers call the manufacturer and order major circuit boards and call it repair. In many cases, swapping a circuit board costs as much as buying a new unit and people throw it away never realizing that a component level repair could have cost much less. You didn't buy the wrong piece of equipment, you took it to the wrong place to get it repaired. There are currently four electronic techs on staff at Speaker Workshop. All are component repair specialists. 

Not just sound equipment. Speaker Workshop, because we are the only professional component repair center in the area if not the entire mid-west, we can repair just about anything that you plug into a receptacle. Exercise equipment, Power tools, Telephones, furnace boards, and the list goes on and on.

Vacumme Tube Electronic Repair 


Speaker Workshop also repairs vintage vacuum tube electronics. We have more experience in this area of service than every other service center we know of. Speaker Workshop has a full time "Tube-Tech" on staff repairing guitar amplifiers and stereo amplifiers made as far back as the 1940's. Our inventory of repair components for this type of equipment has no rival within 100 miles. Repair centers from all over call on Speaker Workshop for parts and expertise. The reason this type of equipment is so often repaired is that hands down, vacuum tube amplifiers have a unique sound that is very appealing and easy on the ear even at very high volume. If you remember grandpa's old stereo sounding like the performer was right in front of you when you listened, vacuum tube amplification was the reason why. Do you need a KZ1-640 for your old Kent, we have it. The service is alive and well at Speaker Workshop in Fort Wayne Indiana.

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